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Artificial Grass

An affordable and low maintenance alternative for gardens.

Gardening just got easier...

Artificial grass is a superb way to transform your garden.  Plastic artificial grass has the look and feel of a conventional lawn and looks lush and green all year round, but requires no lawnmowers, no fertilisers, and is completely hassle-free.


We can supply a wide range of artificial grass that feels and looks like the real thing.  It is UV protected to prevent sunlight from fading/bleaching the colour effect.

We have many different lengths and densities of grass available, so whether you're on a tight budget or would like the most luxurious lawn to show off, we have it all covered.

Not just anyone can do a professional job when it comes to artificial grass. That's why Charlton Carpets has teamed up with Agars Nursery ( to get the job done to a very high standard.

Have your own artificial grass?  We provide a fitting only service including any accessories.  Click here for more details. 

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