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Carpet adds a luxury feel to any room.  But with so many different options available, choosing the right carpet takes time and consideration.  See our top tips for choosing carpets below.

Top tips for choosing carpets

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The first thing to consider is the density of your carpet.  High traffic areas, such as the lounge, hall, stairs, and landing, will need a denser, harder wearing carpet.  Whilst rooms without high traffic, for example bedrooms, can have a lighter grade of carpet.  

A short, dense pile is more durable and less likely to flatten over time than a carpet with a longer pile.  


Another consideration is carpet fibre.  Wool carpets are harder wearing and more durable than man made fibres.  However, a man made fibre, such as polypropylene, can be bleach cleaned because it doesn't soak up liquid in the same way as a wool carpet would.

Consider your underlay too.  A good underlay acts as a shock absorber, helps reduce heating bills and will extend the life of your carpet.  Invest in the best underlay your budget can buy.



Types of carpet


Wool: Wool is a natural material that has a real luxury feel to it and is very durable.  However, it doesn't resist stains as well as synthetic fibres.


Wool-mix: This is made with a combination of wool and synthetic fibres which is the best combination for an all-purpose carpet.  


Man-made fibres (e.g. polypropylene): these are a very popular choice of carpet due to their stain resistance properties (they can even be bleach cleaned). The pile will not absorb any liquids, enabling the spillage to be easily wiped up.


Saxony: a soft cut pile with an even surface.  A plush carpet that has been densely woven, but does generally show marks (e.g. from footprints and vacuum).




Pile types


There are two main types of carpet:  


Woven carpets: made with traditional loomed methods creating a premium quality pile.


Tufted carpets: are the most popular choice.  They are made by a row of needles punching the yarn through a base material. 

Have your own carpet?  We provide a fitting only service including any accessories.  Click here for more details.

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